• Welcome to GrownMonkey.com, the online portfolio site for Grown Monkey, a full-service creative marketing agency serving organizations who have a positive purpose and share our desire to make a difference in the world. We look forward to serving you soon.
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Joe Douthitt

CPO - Chief Primate Officer

"Welcome to GrownMonkey.com. I am Joe Douthitt, Chief Primate Officer. I built this company with the vision of offering affordable creative solutions and services to small and medium-sized organizations. Over the years, our core niche has evolved into serving organizations with products and services that are "positive in nature." Organizations that strive to make a positive impact in their communities or even on the world. Examples include blood banks, Christian authors, hospitals, cancer awareness groups or companies that have Christian leadership. Through our focused approach, we have become known for creating award-winning designs affordably and quickly, while being able to affect the world in a positive way."

  • We Strive to Design With Purpose
    What does that mean? We think it applies to a couple of areas. First, we think strategically ... creative must have a purpose. We feel that designs must relate to the target audience in a relevant way and lead to an action whenever possible. Secondly, our creative designs often support products and services that benefit people in some way ... they often have "a higher purpose."
  • We Want to Make A Difference
    Grown Monkey's staff are the kind of people that say hello to a stranger or pay for the lunch order of a person behind them at a McDonalds drive-through. Those simple actions can make a difference in a stranger's life. But, we also recognize that our services help clients make much bigger impacts in the world such as saving lives. We love to be part of something that makes a difference.